Our Philosophy

To live fully is to embrace fully all that the experience of being alive throws our way. To do so is without a doubt a challenge and often a struggle. But there is help to be had, and I hope that you will be willing to allow me to be a part of your personal growth. I envision the counseling relationship as a container wherein growth and transformation occurs. This process of growth is an oft repeated tale throughout human history. For instance, King Arthur’s knights had to begin their quest for the Grail by entering the forest of the unknown by a path of their own choosing - A path that that was once unexplored but is created by our willingness to grow; it is the Journey into Wholeness. It is the client’s Journey that I am there to support and mentor that fosters the experience of growth. 

Whether you need help with making it through a serious life transition or you want to work on the big questions of life I would be honored to facilitate your journey. 

Please call to schedule an appointment at 318 - 349 - 5590.